Getting it ready for UI 2.0

Tony Vu
2 min readMar 4, 2021


This is a late blog but it is due so here I am…

Thanks to Pedro’s initiative, we have got it started on implementing the UI 2.0 which is supposed to be transforming the whole Telescope’s user experience with the new UI. And I am happy to play some part of it. My first task is to find a good way to adjust the theming object that I was responsible before to the new palette. The new theming object would have less properties as well as a shorter list of color. We would like not to overcomplicate things like how we did it the first time, so better be concise this time.

I and Pedro had been communicating effectively on Github as well as on Slack to understand the need and consult each other’s opinion on the matter. Finally, we agreed on the final version and I also got to update the front end doc, so it would reflect the new palette. I am quite excited to see the new UI. I think the team has been putting in hard works and try to work around the clock to make it happen. Personally, I just wish I could have been more involved. After this semester end, I plan to take a deep look at creating a framework so I can better manage my time in order to do more things. One thing that I have already changed is my sleep cycle. I wake up at 5am now so I can put most of my demanding works in the morning when I am most productive. Hopefully this will create more hours so I can contribute more.

I checked the dev environment the other day and we had a new header, new blog body with the author’s name on the site. It looks refreshing now and gives me a willing to read up. Good job everyone!

Thank you and until the next time!