Learned another powerful Git Command to save my life on a rainy day

I am back for another blog post about open source contribution. Despite I was late again for the blog, I completed the requirements of OSD600 week 4 pretty early in the week as I anticipate students would rush to find repo to work on later in the week. I chose to file a new feature to Isabella repo because I am already familiar with how her repo structures from week 3 contributions.

The purpose of this lab was to imitate what happen in a PR but using git remote and git merge instead. The first part of it was for everyone to file an issue on another’s repo asking to add a feature. First, I initiated contact with Isabella by raising an issue to add the new feature to her repo. She was quick in response and assigned me to the task.

I then update my origin to the most updated commit from her master by adding her repo as an upstream remote and pull everything to my origin. This process was straightforward. I then checked out a new brand on my local and added the new code. After that, I pushed it to github and informed her the link to my repo so she can pull the new code from it. It took here one day to review the code and left a link to the final commit.

After reading the instructions one more time, I then realized that I have missed the part that validates the validity of the file. So, I went back and open another issue and follow exactly the same process as before. Everything was smooth as I already knew how to do it.

The second part of the lab was to act as the owner of the repo and review the new code from another student. This time I was in the position of Isabella. I was surprised to see Devansh, a friend of mine asked to add the feature to my repo as I remembered he did his in NodeJS while mine was written in Golang. However, he did well following the design of my code.

That would do it for week 4. Time flew by quickly then I thought and We are approaching another study break. I hope I will get some good news for my coop application this week.

Stays tune for another TL,DR kind of post from me. Thank you for reading.

Tony Vu.