Working on feedbacks and improve my service

Tony Vu
1 min readMar 14, 2021


I have used the past week to improve my service and get it closer to be approved by the Chief. I have been able to spend a little more time coding for Telescope this week compared to last few weeks. And I aimed to make it work so I can start writing my unit tests.

One of the thing I learned this week from Dave is to notice little things in the codes to improve it. For example, there is one of his feedbacks that stood out to me is how he noticed that I made two requests, one HEAD and one GET in my API, and he suggested I could just made the GET request and pass along the body data. That was a subtle but very good suggestion and surely would improve my API’s performance a lot since most of the delay time is from network requesting.

I have also learned about different type of link elements that could potentially contain a feed url. Things like json, json+oembed, or xml+oembed. Most importantly, I learned how to select multiple selectors in cheerio and it helped me to make my code cleaner and more compact.

Everything seems to be ready and I became more confident that I would be able to develop microservices myself and be good at it. Now onto the testing phase of it that I expected even more strugglings…but that is the only way to grow in life.